Charlie W. Barnett
Civil Design
New Castle, DE Office
(302) 326-2200

Charlie is adept at developing cost-effective site design solutions, and in solving unique design problems associated with site constraints and regulatory restrictions. His background includes surveying and working on environmentally sensitive projects which he draws on to deliver sound civil design projects. Charlie is a pioneer at MRA’s New Castle, DE office managing numerous projects in the energy industry. Over the past four years, he has managed and provided site and civil engineering design for over 75 miles of pipelines and associated facilities in portions of Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Other project types of focus include residential communities, industrial, and institutional projects. Charlie also provides quality control reviews for many of MRA New Castle’s projects prior to final approvals and construction.

Charlie manages natural gas transmission pipeline projects as they are filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) including; preliminary pipeline routing; coordinating environmental, historical and civil surveys; participation in public outreach meetings; and producing the plans and Resource Reports required by Federal regulations, in addition to designing and permitting the projects. He is also responsible for communication with Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) on behalf of a natural gas transmission company for road improvement projects which include discussing proposed State improvement projects throughout all stages of survey, design, approval and construction to determine if utility conflicts exist and, if so, what needs to be done to relocate them or adjust the roadway design. In addition, Charlie reviews DelDOT plans throughout all stages of design to identify existing utilities and, if necessary, proposed relocations. Charlie also works with other utility companies to assist with construction and maintenance permitting with respect to Conservation Districts, State, County and Local highway/road departments, as well as private railroad and other utility companies with existing rights-of-way.

Charlie is responsible for overseeing many of MRA New Castle office’s civil projects through individual design and managing design teams. With 16 years of experience, his responsibilities include various aspects of site development design including water and sewer utilities, stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, road and storm drain design, record plat preparation, as well as mass and conceptual builder phase grading to produce carefully balanced sites. His technical capabilities include watershed studies using TR-55, TR-20 and the rational method. He also is experienced in storm drain design, culvert analysis, and open channel design.

In addition to his technical abilities, Charlie communicates effectively with clients, other disciplines, and review agencies, and presents project plans to Planning Commissions and County/City Councils.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Resource Management from Pennsylvania State University and is a member of Home Builders Association of Delaware and Associated Builders and Contractors.